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I was really blown away by the quality of the app. It does not do a lot of things, but it does all those things well! BRAVO!

20 picture max

I dislike that the app does not allow you to add more than 20 photos unless you pay for it. If I was to pay for something I would rather the app have more collage templates and special effects. Not too happy. Probably wont use the app at al.

This is a must have app!

I absolutely love this app! I used to have to send hundreds of pictures to my phone to put in an app to make a collage and that would take all day, but with this app it took me less than ten minutes to make two 200 picture collages. I love this app so much!

Helps me save time & add value to client presentations

It could not be easier to use. Thank you CollageIt for this software. Nicely done. Very nicely done. Thank you. Michael Toronto ON Canada

This app

Hey this app helps me edit photos. When I do B-Day pics for 1d. I dont post them I just make them. ;)

Piece of Crap

I have had this app for about 5 minutes! Each time I upload photos to it (Ive tried 3 times!), it shuts down the program and says it has quit unexpectedly! DELETING!

Easy Peasy!

Made first collage in five minutes. Intuitive interface. Easy to save. Thank you for this app.

How to quit app

As commentors in the previous app complained, I was unable to quit this app. I discovered all you need to do is choose a frame, then quit. Voila! That is the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars. Other than that it works great and I would choose it over others again!

Everything I Need!

Been doing so work with photos of the kids and I have so many and this app just made my day! Works flawlessly!

Half A Loaf

This app allowed me to enter and select only ten photos for a 120 space picture collage; what is worse, the first time I used the + feature to access finder to access my media I got full, wonderul access to all my photos, even in the cloud and in Facebook. But after seeing I only had ten of them, when I used the + sign again to choose more pictures, the finder box would not open anyting except my “pictures” media - a problem I’ve had with this company’s Picture Collage Maker, too. That application, by the way, is much more versatile and fun than this one in its wildest dreams. The Lite version of Picture Collage Maker runs rings around anything else I have been able to find. Still looking for something that gives me this beautiful access to all my media all the time.

Great way to make a elegant collage!

Easy to make and a great results!

Easy to Use

This app is easy to use, to choose a frame and put all photos in and then export. Everything works smoothly. Though Id suggest that, when adding photos, I can load them by multiple folders at a time, rather than selecting all photos under one folder everytime. (Or someone please teach me how to do so.)

Used it for 10 minutes and trashed it!

I wanted something like “Pic Collage” - a simple collage maker. This one was just complex and confusing. I wanted to make a simple collage with three photos. The templates were terrible. Some of them automatically put text in, etc. Not intuative or useful at all. Don’t waste your time.

Simple, Easy to Use, Effective

This is a nice little app that works easily & produces very nice results. It integrates with both iPhoto and Aperture. It also easily allows users to just add their own favorite folders for use with projects. Easy, effective & free: a great ccombintaion, not always found together at the App Store!

Could be very good

Could be very good, but the collage pictures can not be saved in a .jpg format, which is a bummer.

Quick and easy

Just what I needed to make a couple of collections for my dads 90th! I may have to go Pro to get the custom sizes :)

Get out of this business.

So many collage apps and they all are poorly written. No pinch to zoom. Slow to navigate. No undo. You even have dead apps still sitting in the app store with “this is the old version” on them. Quit now.

Easy to Use

The different collage options were awesome! So easy to use. I like the shuffle feature.

Works Great, Does the Jog

This is a great app for making collages. Very simple. Contrary to one review, collages can be exported to create jpg files. I upgraded to pro because my finished product needs to be a custom size and that is a pro-feature. I think that’s a good call on the developer’s part. Hello, people, they need to make a living too.

Fun App… free and it works great

Love this app. The “free” version is great - import your photos, pick from a wide variety of templates and have fun. Exports to .jpg, pdf or send to your desktop or iPhoto. Great app and the price is right. There are so many options available in the free download, I can only imagine the fun I’ll have when I upgrade to the full version!!!!!

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